Summer fashion collaborations of 2024 – a season of unexpected alliances

High-end luxury brands and streetwear labels join forces, offering a new take on fashion trends. From collaborations for satchels (Cambridge Satchel and Hello Kitty) to clothes (Rokh and H&M), this year shows us that fashion is for everyone.

With a whole gamut of collaborations to look out for, summer will be sunnier than ever! Let’s look at noteworthy collaborations this year.

Making Waves

Collaborations inject a fresh vibe into established brands. Following is a list of such collaborations that make fashion all the more exciting this 2024.

Cambridge Satchel x Hello Kitty

Raising a glass to 15 years for Cambridge Satchel and 50 years for Hello Kitty is the cutest character celebration on a selection of leather bags and accessories.

Hello Kitty and Cambridge Satchel fit the kitsch character into the classic adult mould; and it is looking fantastic.

Stella McCartney x Hajime Sorayama

No one would have thought that sustainable fashion could tie up seamlessly with a futuristic visionary. The result is one for the books.

This collection has got everyone talking, esp. with top celebrities showing them off.

Fenty x Puma

Fenty and Puma joined forces again this 2024 to release a pair of pony-hair Avanti trainers. Retailing for a little over $250.00, they were sold out almost instantly after being introduced at Paris Fashion Week.

Balenciaga x Gucci

The summer 2024 collection features the unexpected use of both brands’ iconic logos. The collaboration has created a lot of excitement the first time.

With prices starting at around $600, these designs are sure to be sought after by fashion enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Rokh x H&M

The high street collection includes men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and accessories. Rokh’s recognisable design elements come at a more accessible price in this collection, available online and in select shops.

These collaborations demonstrate how the fashion industry is constantly evolving and pushing boundaries.

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